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Updated: 17.02.2016
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MAKA Systems GmbH
Am Schwarzen Graben 8
D - 89278 Nersingen
Phone: + 49 73 08 / 813 - 0, Fax: - 310
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Premium quality and high safety standards - customers who have worked with a Maka machine know how to value over 60 years of experience!
Maka have become synonymous with 5-axis CNC technology.

(Visual material has been relased and exclusively put at our disposal by customers or editorial offices - downloads are strictly prohibited! 

Manufacturers of stairs, doors, windows, construction elements, furniture and many other products profit from our innovation, flexibility, precision and reliability.


We regret that due to strictest publication rights, interesting films on Maka technique such as production and machining procedures cannot be made available via our website.

We offer the following alternative:

Interesting film material on the issue “5-axis machining of diverse complex components” will be personally provided by your MAKA contact person – please feel free to get in touch and fix an appointment.