MAKA - CNC Spezialmaschinen
Updated: 17.02.2016
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MAKA Systems GmbH
Am Schwarzen Graben 8
D - 89278 Nersingen
Phone: + 49 73 08 / 813 - 0, Fax: - 310
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‚Made in Germany’

Made in Germany’Everything from one supplier’ and ‚Proximity to the customer’ are the columns of MAKA’s philosophy and the company’s cornerstones of success. This philosophy is being carried by MAKA’s employees working in a field marked by a cooperative style of management in which responsibility and creativity in the interest of the customer are indispensable.

An ongoing development is the basis for a continuous optimisation of the CNC special machines, leading to their technical maturity. The obtained performance is the result of incessant creativity, since all important components are of proprietary development.

According to the service attitude "everything from one source" customers all over the world are assisted by our specialized hotline personnel. The supply of spare parts for a period of 10-12 years is another striking argument for satisfied customers.

Proximity to the customer goes without saying for us! Experienced CNC specialists in national and international representation are always gladly at our customer’s disposal. A comprehensive customer-orientated consulting service based on many years of high technical know-how is only one of our services: Our well-equipped technology and exhibition centre in Nersingen will be gladly at your disposal for any additional consulting service required.