MAKA - CNC Spezialmaschinen
Updated: 28.08.2019
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MAKA Systems GmbH
Am Schwarzen Graben 8
D - 89278 Nersingen
Phone: + 49 73 08 / 813 - 0, Fax: - 310
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General Management

Klaus Kern took over the management when MAKA - Max Mayer Maschinenbau had become MAKA Systems GmbH.

The repositioning gives MAKA the chance to constantly progress and work to expand their technical know-how of many years even further. Not only technical know-how is important, MAKA needs the relationship with the customer – because customer proximity is crucial.

The strength of MAKA continues to be in the construction of CNC machining centers and holistic business solutions on the highest technological level.

Business management

Klaus Kern