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BC 570

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The processing of various workpieces from several meters to more than 50 meters in length requires a high level of craftsmanship from CNC machines.  For some workpieces, such as aircraft components, the properties of weak rigidity and easy deformability must be taken into account.

MAKA gantry machining center BC570 series, successfully developed a variety of solutions for machining large workpieces.


The BC570 is suitable for large workpieces in railway, aerospace and other industries, also can be applied to processing ships, large vehicles, RVs and other special parts.

The BC570's five-axis technology enables precise use in an effective machining range of up to 50 meters long, 10 meters wide and 5 meters high. Stiff construction, heavy cutting units and a higher Z-axis characterize this machining center for program-oriented work with the highest precision.

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