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MAKA Systems GmbH - Our philosophy

MAKA Systems GmbH is proud to be the leading provider in the industry. Many years of experience and competent employees are our recipe for success. Every decision we make is driven by our mission to maintain the highest production standards and provide expert customer service.

In an industry that is changing rapidly, it is important to remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions. We're working on it. Continually. Take a look at our products and send us your questions. We look forward to your inquiry.


Long shelf life.

A machine pays for itself when it stays fit for a long time. Thanks to the well thought-out and stable design as well as the excellent service, the machines achieve a far above-average service life.


When a MAKA runs, it runs. That's why the purchase price pays off particularly quickly - when others break down, it costs you money! Especially in companies that work in 3-shift operation, the investment in a MAKA system is worthwhile.

Big ideas need big solutions.

That is why a young team is working on advanced solutions that will make you successful! At MAKA, we combine the mechanical engineering experience of over half a century with the ideas and technologies of tomorrow. Our head start will help you to expand your own competitive advantage on the market with new products and production processes by suddenly being able to implement previously unheard of ideas!

Talk to us - we will find the solution!

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