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Furniture quality interior doors

Using state-of-the-art technology, Nießing produces furniture-quality interior doors
Set up highly flexibly


The Borken-based door manufacturer Nießing has put part of its production on a strong new footing. The new panel storage system automatically feeds both the horizontal saw and the new high-performance CNC. That may sound like “mass” at first, but it has a completely different background: The ultra-modern technology enables the flexible and precise production of absolutely individual interior doors, which are of the highest league in terms of quality down to the last detail.


Nießing produces high-quality interior doors on a total of around 10,000 m2 in Borken in north-western North Rhine-Westphalia near the Dutch border. The family business is run by Josef Nießing (66) and his son Jonas (33). The two master carpenters invested heavily in a new production hall and state-of-the-art machine technology last year, thereby setting the course for the future.

Strong partner for trade and industry

As early as the 1970s, the company specialized exclusively in the production of interior doors. At first these were special elements for the door industry on a large scale. From the year 2000 onward, Nießing made targeted investments in the development of its own brand. In this way, the company has managed to establish itself as a supplier of high-quality interior doors, particularly to carpenters and carpenters. Today, this area makes a significant contribution to sales, and the trend is rising. Josef Nießing: “We particularly score with our fellow carpenters and carpenters with our high level of quality and our great flexibility. Of course, you won’t find a 250-euro door here with us.”

Today, more than 200 joiners and carpenters rely on a partnership with Nießing. The company is still a highly sought-after and reliable supplier and partner for special solutions as a supplier to industry.

Josef Nießing's wife Mechthild, who takes care of marketing, sums up what the family business stands for: "We see ourselves as a partner to our customers from the carpentry trade and the door industry. The goal must always be to achieve long-term success together.”

The company employs 44 people. Training is also very important in the carpentry guild. Josef Nießing: “We always have four to five trainees. It is important to us that they work with us on a trial basis or do an internship beforehand.”

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Individually configured high-performance CNC

A real highlight in the new hall is the new Maka CNC machining center. Together with Michael Meer, Maka Sales Manager North, Josef and Jonas Nießing spent hours and half nights thinking, sweating and discussing. In the end, they have defined a very individually configured machine that meets the high standards of quality and performance.

The 5-axis CNC machining center CR27 t has two moving tables in tandem design that can be coupled if required. The working area (cube dimensions) with a total tool length of 200 mm and a tool diameter of 60 mm is 2200 x 4100 x 400 mm per table. The center aisle between the two tables allows loading from three sides: manually from the front or from the side of the table, and fully automatically from the back of the panel storage. This offers the door manufacturer extremely high flexibility. The machine tables have an extended extension stroke. This means that the Maka can be loaded automatically from the panel storage without any problems.

Father and son are real technology freaks and explain the many exciting details of the machine to me. They were particularly taken with one thing: the 5-axis spindle (26 kW) with the galaxy drive system from Wittenstein. "The spindle is awesome because it is completely free of play and enables us to achieve a very high machining performance."

The phenolic resin grid tables are equipped with milled grooves for inserting sealing cords. Each table has seven longitudinal workpiece stops that can be lowered pneumatically, designed as lifting and swiveling cylinders with a stop tongue for overhanging veneers. The machine has a large number of special equipment details, including:

  • 14 vacuum clamping circuits per machine table

  • Additional 4-axis milling spindle HSK F63, 26 kW

  • Chain tool magazine with 33 places for 5-axis unit

  • two turntable tool magazines with 20 places each for the 4-axis unit

  • one suction bar with automatic lift per table (0 – 400 mm, variably adjustable)

  • two automatic tool measurement and breakage detection systems with laser beam

  • 3D probe with radio transmission

  • Camera system for process monitoring

  • Maka contour laser projection system.

  • Machine-independent CAD/CAM software

For the design and the machine connection, the door manufacturers use a combination of AutoCAD and the machine-independent CAM software NC-Hops for door production from Direkt CNC-Systems. Jonas Nießing: "Now that we are well positioned in terms of machine technology, we are already working intensively on new CAD software."

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