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MAKA Systems GmbH - Our philosophy

MAKA Systems GmbH is proud to be the leading provider in the industry. Many years of experience and competent employees are our recipe for success. Every decision we make is driven by our mission to maintain the highest production standards and provide expert customer service.

In an industry that is changing rapidly, it is important to remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions. We're working on it. Continually. Take a look at our products and send us your questions. We look forward to your inquiry.

Working from Home

Our quality standards - the principles of our Integrated Management System (IMS)

  • Quality, environment, energy, occupational safety and health protection are obligations for all employees.

  • We undertake to ensure compliance with applicable legal obligations and their requirements through systematic reviews and appropriate measures.

  • The health of our employees is a valuable asset and has the highest priority for us.

  • We enable our employees to work and act in a quality-, environment-, safety- and energy-conscious manner by providing suitable information, training courses and instructions.

  • Regardless of our hierarchical position, we work together in all areas to avoid errors and to analyze and eliminate errors that have been identified. We rely on our dedicated, competent employees.

  • We create trust through factual information in the public, with our customers and suppliers, in order to enable sustainable profitable growth.

  • We avoid environmental damage and, as far as this is economically justifiable, use the best available technology. Our machines and we ourselves conserve resources and avoid waste.

  • We take the necessary precautions to avoid possible emergencies and undertake to provide competent information about the effects of our activities.

  • We use energy in a targeted and economical manner and continuously increase our energy efficiency and reduce our CO2 footprint.

  • Through appropriate technical and organizational measures, we minimize the generation of waste, environmentally harmful emissions and waste water.

  • We work in a process-oriented manner and have appointed responsible persons for each area of our process map in order to systematically improve our processes, identify and minimize possible risks and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

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