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CNC machining for composites 

MAKA Systems GmbH has set itself the goal of offering customers a range of high-quality products. Thanks to the latest technologies and strict quality controls on our products, we have risen to become the industry leader for CNC special machines. Take a look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Laser Machine.jpg


The universal machining center PA 37 in
heavy mobile portal design with gantry drive
is particularly suitable for demanding precision machining of large profile cross-sections.

It can be operated with a compact power supply and cooling unit. Thanks to the beam guidance in the MAKA machine, every position in the room can be reached at every angle with just a few deflection mirrors. This is a significant contribution to increasing the reliability and efficiency of the machine. A great deal of effort was also put into programming the laser and the machine. Since the focus point of the laser does not travel at a constant path speed in 5-axis simultaneous machining, its intensity is controlled depending on the speed in order to achieve an exact cutting width of 0.1 mm everywhere. Laser and machine control work hand in hand and meet all safety standards.

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