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CNC machining center with 5-axis technology
BC 570


possible uses

The processing of large workpieces with usable lengths of up to 50 m and more

require high performance from a special CNC machine.
With the bridge machining center BC 570, MAKA succeeded in further developing a large center that specializes in precisely these large machining dimensions.


The BC 570 as a stationary special solution is designed for aluminum rail vehicle construction as well as for large model construction, boat, car, truck and caravan construction and is used just as successfully by companies in prototype construction.

The 5-axis technology of the BC 570, with useful lengths of up to 50 m, a traverse path of up to 6 m in width and a Z-axis stroke of up to 3 m, enables the workpiece to be completely circumnavigated, and this with high accuracy. Rigid construction, high-performance unit and high Z-axis are the highlights of this machining center, with which all classic machining can be carried out with the highest precision
to be executed.

WZ MAgazin 570.jpg

Latest technology
High-tech for efficiency and the environment

¬ 7 highly dynamic, digital axis drives with absolute measuring system, large-dimensioned guides and sophisticated 5-axis control
¬ High-performance units guarantee high speeds with high feed rates
¬ All supply lines are attached to the rear to protect them from swarf
¬ Variety of machining thanks to chain tool magazine with 33 places
¬ Easy waste/chips management by means of chip pushers under free-floating traverses
¬ Technically optimized components as well as excellent mechanics, electronics and low-maintenance components offer process reliability and economy


Green Technology:
¬ Low energy consumption thanks to innovative electronic systems such as a frequency-controlled vacuum pump and MAKA energy saving concepts
MAKA was awarded the environmental prize of the federal association
of the German industry (BDI).

equipment options

table finishes

¬ Steel traverse table in two sizes with steel support traverses on linear guides and two clamping stations, quickly adjustable manually or CNC-positionable, possibility of changing to 1- or 2-station operation
¬ Adjustable steel traverses with their own NC drive
¬ Hydraulic or pneumatic profile clamping units, time-controlled
¬ Hydraulic profile clamping units, opening on both sides
¬ Lowerable longitudinal workpiece fence, arranged on the right or left
¬ Hydraulic or pneumatic clamping circuit on the machine table

¬ Machine control BWO with XCPU 32 bit or 64 bit
¬ Operating unit BWO CNC 920 (without PC)
¬ Operating unit BWO CNC 930 (with PC)
¬ Control unit BWO RC 910 (without PC)
¬ Siemens SINUMERIK 840 D sl operating unit
¬ Siemens HT 8 control unit (without PC), manual control panel with 7.5" touchscreen
¬ Control unit Siemens OP 15 PCU (with PC), control panel with 15" display
¬ Control unit Siemens OP 15 TCU (without PC), control panel with 15" display
¬ Control unit Siemens OP 19 PCU (with PC), control panel with 19" display
¬ Remote maintenance via internet portal
¬ Networkable expansion
¬ Rotary vane vacuum pump
¬ Hydraulic unit


Universal unit for 5-axis milling with a 50° inclined head
¬ Milling spindle HSK F63, 16 kW or 26 kW with tool changing milling spindle, 2,000 to 24,000 rpm, infinitely variable speed, water-cooled, increased guarantee
¬ Milling spindle HSK F63, not regulated in 10 KW or 15 KW regulated for thread cutting. HSK F63 tool holder, 2,000 to 24,000 rpm, infinitely variable speed, water-cooled
¬ MAKA Tool Blower (MTB) system for the milling unit, coolant/medium distributor for air or water cooling
¬ MAKA Tool Blower (MTB) system for the milling unit, coolant/medium distributor for oil-based spray medium
¬ Blow-out nozzle on the milling unit
¬ Minimum quantity lubrication Coolant spray system with minimum quantity fine atomization

tool changer

¬ Chain tool magazine with 33 slots with rotary gripper for quick tool changes

¬ Mobile protective cab with safety bumpers on the operating side
¬ Rear protection with access doors
¬ Safety mat system in the loading area with automatic table traverses

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